Sunday, January 22, 2006

You’ve got mail… and a STD!

Checking your email has just gotten a bit scarier. Forget the threat of a computer virus; you could get a real virus! A new website started by Los Angeles Country lets people anonymously tell sex partners they may be infected with a STD. Just pick from one of six stylish cards, write a message and send it. It’s just that easy! You never have to face the person you infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Life just got a little bit easier.

It is sad day when anonymous email cards are the way people inform their partners that they my have a STD. Call me romantic, but a phone call would be better way to inform someone that they my die. Even a card through the mail would be better. At least you know they spent 39 cents.

Besides being an impersonal way to inform someone of a STD, it also allows people to continue practicing unsafe sexual behavior. Sex is becoming impersonal and with a website like this it further perpetuates it. It makes it easier for people to feel less shame in transmitting these sexual diseases. They do not deserve this luxury. Responsibility should be taken fully, not just partially by sending an e-card. Infected people deserve more than just an e-card. They deserve the right to face the person who infected them.

"Cards touch your heart no matter what the topic is. " ~Katie


Anonymous Scott said...

Relax girls this site is intended for men who want a respectful way to tell their "partners." Just look at their mission statement:

"All people who agree to our guidelines will find that is a friendly, respectful and legal environment where the sexuality of men is honored."

So maybe the values of traditional relationships can rise above this. But this is probably just another step in the deterioration of society's moral values.

Great Post.

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